Differences Between Online Poker and Physical Poker

Online poker is a rapidly developing game across a number of different platforms. Poker is all about thrill and excitement as well as being able to outwit opponents who are trying to win all of the cash up for grabs.

There are many differences between physical and online poker which have an impact on the game. The main difference is that you cannot see your opponents in online poker. Therefore, it’s impossible to read their behavior patterns in order to tell if they’re bluffing.

A main difference with online poker is that the house or the company running the poker game could have one or two artificial intelligence players at a table. This means artificial intelligence can minimize losses for the house. This is something that can’t happen in physical poker because the way the cards are dealt and laid out is complete luck.

It is much easier to hide behavior and emotion when playing at a online poker room. To work out which players are aggressive and defensive, the pattern of play has to be studied. In a physical game of poker, a player’s emotions and personality can be read far easier which makes it easier to work out what sort of player they are going to be.

The element of luck and fairness can be questioned in online poker. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the computer of each online poker company controls the way the cards are dealt to each player. Physical poker takes this out of the equation unless the deck of cards that the house is using have been tampered with in the first place which is a highly illegal and frowned upon practice.

There is always the danger of a crash with online poker. Computers and internet are prone to breaking and this could happen in the middle of a game when that perfect hand has just been dealt. Technology is more advanced today then ever before but technology is always going to be vulnerable to breaking.

There are no time restraints or prompts in physical poker which is what some individuals prefer. Some online poker services hurry players into making decisions against the clock or prompt players with a menu. Physical poker is much more about intelligence and decision making as opposed to throwing money away by simply clicking away on a computer screen due to tiredness or boredom

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