Various Online Casino Slot Games

When you play online casinos, you will find that the slot machine section is usually the most popular section and usually will have the most games. This is because players love the thrill of playing the slot machine at their local land casino, and now they have more games than ever to play online. Online casinos bring game to the player, via their computer screen with convenience and excitement.

There are a few different slot games to choose from, including; Classic Slots, Video Slots, Progressive Slots. What you like to play depends on your personal preference, and the difference between the games offered can make a huge difference in how you play them. Here are the differences between the games, and what entertainment value they can bring the player.

Classic slot games are where it all began. Today, the classic three reel slots are just as popular as the video slots, and there are more than enough games to choose from when playing online that have this format. The biggest difference in these games is the layout. The classic slot is more simple and easier to play and understand than the video slots; however, the payouts can be just as huge. There are no confusing paylines to figure out and usually there is only one payline in the entire game. The betting options are fewer than the video slots as well, and it’s usually much cheaper to play these games than those with 20+ paylines.

Video Slots are usually five reeled and have numerous paylines. The simplicity is still there but there are more things to remember when playing these games. The symbol combinations are more complex, and the paytable is a bit more confusing to most players. Instead of a single payline there can be as many as 100 paylines in a video slot. Also, the bonus options in video slot machines are awesome. Free spins, second screen bonus features and more are available, and the themes are extra exciting.

Progressive slot machines come in both formats. The bet is usually a fixed amount and there is symbol combination that will trigger the jackpot. There are both progressive jackpots in classic and video slots, so no matter which you prefer; your dreams can come true in a single spin. Next time you are playing at your favorite online casino, check out the slot machine section and start playing today.

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