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Our research turned up some nice tips and tricks on how to play the lottery.  We even got a number or two you may want to try at a shot for the jackpot.

Going on to the toto site, there are all kinds of feelings of excitement hoping that there is a win in your future.  The thing is if you really want to win on the toto site, you have to do your homework.  If it is really that important for you to hit the jackpot, research should be no problem.  You want to find out from folks who may have won what their strategy was, what kind of tips and tricks they used to walk away a winner. 

You really need to have a lot of determination not to mention money if you want to play on the toto site seriously.  Experts and previous winners stand by the fact that there are ways that you can up your chances of winning the big jackpot.


These secret tips and tricks from folks who have won the lottery once or even twice before are not anything that you may not have already been doing and need to continue to do.  These are things that they swear by, and by the end of the article we will even have some actual numbers that you should think about using.

– Tickets.  Don’t buy just one ticket. You’ll never hit the jackpot with one ticket.  It does take money to make money and the lottery is no exception.  If you want to hit it big, you need to buy lots of tickets to increase your odds.

– Moderate.  Don’t play all the gigantic games.  Your odds are much better in the least popular games with the smaller jackpots and making sure to purchase as many tickets as you can for the game.

– Big.  Try to pick big numbers as opposed to low numbers.  Most people are picking numbers that mean something in their lives, e.g. lucky numbers, birth dates, other important dates.  No one is going for the larger numbers. 

Tens.  Don’t use numbers from the same family, e.g. 30, 32, 35.  Spread the love among the whole group.  It’s not likely that the winning numbers will be in a pattern of that sort.

As we promised, the ultimate secret.  From around the time of 2001, the number 34 is know to have come up in the winning combination 6 times.  The numbers 20 and 30 made an appearance 5 times.  The following numbers all regularly were part of the winners 4 times; 18, 16, 24, 15, 41, 39, 37, and 28.

There are people who have followed these small little secrets all the way to winning the jackpot.  Maybe you will too.

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