Online Keno Games Review 2021

Online Keno Games Review 2021

If you are bored with the standard casino games looking to change your mood, what could be better than Keno online games for you! If you are excited to know more about this wildly popular game, stay hooked with us.

Maybe the easy gameplay or the being similar to the classic lottery games, Keno has become the newest and wildest sensation among online gamblers. Almost every online casino Malaysia 2021 hosts this exciting and unique game. The game offers a high house edge of 99.9%. Therefore, irrespective of the number of skills a player possesses, they hold the power to alter the odds. Today, Keno has more than millions of players who are trying out their luck on it.

The Objective of the Game

If a newbie player has the basic knowledge about Lottery and Bingo games, then learning the gameplay of the Keno game is just a tale of few minutes. So players purchase a Keno ticket that has numbers from one to 80 displayed on it. The players can cross 20 random numbers from the ticket. A random number generator decides on the number, and the player having the number is declared the winner.

Casinos may offer wagering options that vary from one casino to another. The casinos might offer a variety of Keno cards to keep the entertainment of the game going. For example, casinos can provide top-bottom tickets to choose a number from the top or the bottom of the ticket.

The History of Keno

The history of Keno is found to be in Ancient China. It is said that a Keno-like game was a primary source of a fundraiser for the Great Wall Of China. Keno was a great pass-time game for several years in East Asia. With time and tide, the game also went under various modifications. Keno was also introduced in the United States Of America with the help of Chinese immigrants and soon became a must-play game of the Las Vegas Casino. Later, the game was adapted in western style, giving rise to faster-paced games in the world of online casino gambling.

Online Keno Games

Keno fit perfectly in the online gambling world because it was a computerized game in the land-based casinos. The Keno gambling software became common among online gambling players in no time. Therefore, the transition of Keno games from land-based casinos to online platforms was not so challenging, and in a short period, it gained a considerable fan base. The players are playing the games a particular value of credits with every win. Players also get a fixed duration of time to play. At the end of the game, the player with the most credits is declared the winner. 

Different Keno Cards

Not all types of Keno cards are easy to play. To add diversity and excitement to the game, here are the other Keno card varieties available:

  • Way Ticket

It is a cheaper version of the Keno Straight cards, and it offers players multiple sets.

  • Split Ticket

Players can draw a line from the middle of the card and use one card for playing two different games. However, the payout of this category of play is relatively low.

  • 20 Spot Ticket

The player has 20 spots in this game category and has up to 18 ways to make winning combinations on the ticket. If players get four to six matches, they do not win anything. However, if players hit 2, 3, or 7 matches, they win their money back. 

Final Thoughts

Keno is a combination of Cards and Lottery games. Though Keno is highly popular, the payout of the game is less than other casino games. However, it is a great entertainment package. Register with Keno games today!

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