Specialists claim poker pros tend to blow their money on casino games extra fast

casino games extra fast

See why you lose money on other games in jakartaq.com, when you don’t play poker? Discover what you might miss in your general gambling activity now.

Apart from the traditional poker room in jakartaq.com, you might sometimes want to test a different casino game. Thankfully, most of the gambling websites nowadays are generous when it comes to offering different gambling options – from easy to be played slots to similar card games, but though with different names and rules. In all cases, it’s obvious that there are a few online poker punters who play poker and nothing else. But they mainly exceptions. Basically, there’s always a moment that occurs to every one of you, when you realize that you are either not up to poker, or you just don’t have anywhere to sit (the tables are empty). There are cases when a punter is waiting for a tournament to start, but have no patience to wait anymore and wants some gambling right now!

All of these moments lead to another moment: the desire to play some other type of a gambling game. You might call it killing time, but you can also consider it as another chance to earn some cash. What we are trying to convince you is that all of us (the poker lovers) don’t limit with poker only. We do play other casino games, right? And we like it.

The thing is that a recent research has shown that big pros in poker tend to blow their money on casino games fast and furiously. Many cases of this kind were registered for the last year and specialists have decided to analyze the reason why it’s happening. How come a professional poker player is such a loser in an easy to be played slot game? Why does the poker pro win a lot of money in https://jakartaq.com/ but later spends all of them in a flash of a second in online domino?

According to the study the reason number one is hidden in the specification of the poker game. If comparing all of the popular casino games nowadays poker seems to be the hardest one to learn and then, the toughest one to advance in. Poker players are supposed to think and analyze a lot during every second of their activity. Eventually, they get used to the toughness and when something easy is offered, they simply lose rein to themselves. They get into a comfort zone they’ve never been and they fully rely on luck betting everything they have.

The second general reason that explains why poker pros lose so much money in simpler casino games is hidden in the time during their practice of these other games. Poker burnout syndrome for instance, is a very common condition many pros face. When they feel tired, they need something to relax. And instead of going for some jogging or just sleeping they gamble while their mind is confused and they don’t want to think or to be focused.

In all cases, poker pros are some of the best gamblers ever, but no one is insured against losses, right? That’s why you should be always concentrated whether you spin fortune wheel, or you participate in a serious poker tournament.

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