Things to know about online casino Malaysia licenses

online casino Malaysia licenses

Read important information about the licenses of the online casino Malaysia websites. Find out whether you can place bets and gamble in such websites and how legal and safe a license makes your activity.

Malaysia is one of the Asian countries that have made a huge breakthrough in the gambling industry nowadays. Apart from the traditional physical casinos these days, people go to play poker or roulette games directly through internet. Malaysia is a country that has made the right decision to invest more in private online casinos rather than opening real poker rooms.

However, people from all over the world are still suspicious about online casino Malaysia websites. To be honest, punters are still suspicious about any gambling platform that’s located in an exotic country. But why worrying if you get an amazing offer from a safe and intriguing casino provider, if there’s information you can read and get rid of your concerns?

This material is dedicated to the information that’s going to assure you into the safety in each Malaysian website for casino games. As you know, the license is a kind of a guarantee from the bookmaker or the casino to the audience that they are at safe place. So, what should you know about the licenses given to the betting websites established in Malaysia?

  1. Just because gambling in Malaysia is illegal, doesn’t mean you are a criminal to gamble in a website based in this country. What do we mean? We mean that the national laws forbid locals to play casino games in a physical casino. However, it’s not forbidden to open a website with gambling essence.
  2. It’s completely ok to gamble in a play88 online casino Malaysia website if you are located in a different country. The exclusions are those punters, who are located in countries that are banned from the list of the specific website. Usually, every bookmaker has a list with countries from where the company doesn’t accept users.
  3. The Malaysian betting websites have the right to operate on the international market only after getting a license for the purpose. The license, as you can guess, cannot be provided by the national states. It’s taken from different international regulators like the popular agencies from Malta or Curacao. Note that this shouldn’t worry you at all, especially when considering the giant reputation the international gambling regulators have.
  4. The license a bookmaker has, though, is never a 100% guarantee you will have your funds and personal details at safe place. As a matter of fact, you can lose your personal data by chance if sharing your password with someone. You can even lose your account funds that way. What we try to tell you is that relying 100% on a bookie’s license is not reasonable. You should keep your personal data and funds secured, too.

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