Top sport disciplines in betting nowadays

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Placing bets on sport isn’t something new. It’s been a whole century (or even more) since the first bet on a sport event was placed. Of course, it had nothing to do with the internet or the modern online betting platforms. The first sportsbooks in the internet appeared in the end of the previous 20th century, while their new alternatives – the modern 21-century platforms – have progressed in a way to allow even punters from foreign countries to play sport betting games in exotic countries (here’s an example, today, with bookies like lao88gold a punter from the UK can freely and simply place bets in a contemporary Thai gambling system).

But the access to the betting services in the internet isn’t the only sign for revolution in the industry. The big assortment of sport events we receive every single day is a total breakthrough for the gambling market in general (whether online or offline). Today, we can literally place bets on everything – from traditional sport types like football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, boxing and horse races to more exotic and less popular disciplines such as snooker, futsal, ice skating and etc. Moreover – a lot of bookies nowadays even add non-sport events to their sportsbook sections. In many betting provides from the internet you are able to place a bet on elections, the final winners in reality shows and even Grammy Awards.

Apart from the exotic piece in a general punter’s experience, there’s also a trend almost everyone follow. What we try to say that every betting era has its list of top preferred sport disciplines. For instance, if going back to those first years sport betting as an activity, horse races were on a pedestal. About half a century ago, though, wrestling sport disciplines were preferred by the punters. You might think that these people prefer to place bets in platforms like lao88gold only on football. However, why if we tell you that today we recognize some new top favorites among the sport disciplines for betting?

If you are curious about this list, check it out now. See what the top sport disciplines in betting are nowadays:

  • Football, indeed, is on the first position within the chart for the most preferred sport discipline for online and offline betting.
  • Tennis, though, is a kind of the second most popular area for gambling. The attractive part in this discipline isn’t only the big number of events on a regular basis, but also the increased level of popularity the game is happy about.
  • Boxing is a kind of a new debutant in the top favorite sport disciplines in betting nowadays. We believe it’s not hard to learn the terms and conditions of the game. Plus – the expansion of the boxing federations and contest types make it possible for the boxing lover to place bets on a regular basis.

And what’s your favorite sport discipline when it comes to betting?

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