What Are The Best Roulette Strategies?

Roulette Strategies

James Bond goes beyond being a smooth spy. You can use his roulette strategy to win on the tables at one of the most imbalanced card games. We have defined the strategy for…

Roulette is one of the most exhilarating and entertaining casino games across the globe. It’s rather unfortunate that the player odds for this popular game are some of the worst.

But don’t despair as IDN Poker highlights a few best roulette strategies you can adopt. Read through them and select an approach that agrees with you…

James Bond GamePlay

Based on the strategies Ian Fleming created for the famed novel/movie character James Bond, the James Bond Roulette strategy is foolproof and will help you win. You need a starting capital of $200.

To excel in this gameplay, you need to follow the following steps;

Wager $140 on the high numbers than run from 19-36

Wager $50 on numbers starting from 13 to 18

Place a $10 bet on 0 as insurance

If you are unlucky and instead get numbers from 1-12, you lose the initial bet wager of $200; now you can follow the strategy above. In instances where your wagers come to fruition, you will rake in a handsome profit.

If you play 19-36 pockets, you end up winning $80. If you play 13-18, you end up winning $100. Finally, if 0 pops up, you end up winning $160. The most significant risk comes in when you play numbers from 1-12.

However, if you’re a bond fanatic, then risk should be ingrained in your DNA, and you should take this strategy in stride!

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Another strategy courtesy of IDN Poker, this is a simple gameplay procedure that is conducted by incrementing and decreasing bets based by one, a faster strategy than that of doubling.

As for the strategies, begin by placing a small starting wager on either black or red (even or odd) which is 1-18 or 19-36. After suffering a loss, increase the bet by one and decrease the same by one after a win.

Call off the game when you make many wins as you make losses. If you happen to be on a losing streak, keep on playing until when your winnings match up the losses.

When you come out and have the number of wins and losses, following this strategy puts you in the black. Case in point; if you place a $10 bet on red, and happen to lose, you will need to place an $11 bet on red again.

If you lose again, your bet amount will go up with $1 to $12. If you win on this final bet, you go back down to $11 and win again. After this second win, you should collect your winnings and call it a day.

The strategy above saw you lose two wagers and win two, the match out appears as; – 10 – 11 + 12 + 11 = +2. The downside of this advantage is that you need to keep track of the losses and wins.

You can try either or both strategies and come back to us and let us know how you faired!

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