What is a Flat Top Slot Machine?


Flat top slot machines have a set limit jackpot amount that does not change, no matter how many people play it. Progressive machines have a rising jackpot.

When someone hears the term “flat-top”, they probably think of a hairstyle, or the top of an object literally being flat. However, when it comes to slots, it is not referring to a physical characteristic. It, in fact, refers to the jackpot that may be won on that machine. A flat top means that there is a limit to the jackpot that can’t be exceeded. It does not matter how people play that machine, or how many have won or lost. The flat top will always remain the same.

Differences Between Slot-Machine Types

The other type of slot machine is a progressive machine. These machines have a changing jackpot that depends on how many people play it and put money into it. The jackpot will rise over time until eventually, someone is the lucky winner. These machines are sometimes part of a network, and a player can win a larger jackpot that is shared throughout that network of slot machines.

Types of Flat Top Slot Machines

In old movies and television shows, slot machines are always shown as having a large handle or lever that a player must pull. This will cause the numbers and images to spin, which will then determine a win or a loss. In fact, while these machines are still in use, slot machines, including flat top machines, can be other types as well. Some have digital screens, some have buttons instead of levers, and some show video as well.

How to Bet

While there is a set limit for the jackpot, that does not mean every player who wins gets that amount. It may depend on how many credits are played. If the player uses only one credit, then the winnings may be a smaller amount, which can increase with more credits used for each play. The more the player bets, the more they win. In most cases, a flat top machine will only pay out that top jackpot amount if the maximum bet is played.

There are many different options for playing and betting in Casinos. Playing the slots is an incredibly popular choice especially since it can seem so simple. However, there are differences in how each machine is played. Those differences may not be large, but it is important to understand how much you might win or lose on each type of machine. Now you know what you need to know about flat top slot machines.

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