Making use of Payout Percentages and Bonus Bets for Online Slots

Bonus Bets for Online Slots

Increase your Winnings by Studying Payout Percentages and Bonus Bets.

Online slots should have a payout percentage. RTP or return to player is the more official term used by casinos. Gaming commissions of various countries that regulate gambling around the world, including online casinos, require slots to clearly mention the payout percentage. This is considered as the fair practice to notify players of the odds they are going to face. Payout percentage is effectively the opposite of house advantage.

How to use Payout Percentages

Let us consider an online slot that has a payout percentage of ninety. This is a considerably lower payout percentage. There are online slots that have as high as ninety eight percent as return to player. You should first understand what this percentage means and how it works to make good use of it. A payout percentage indicates how much money you are likely to win. It does not determine whether or not you will win. It does not tell you when you will win at the chosen slots. A payout percentage of ninety means you have the chance of winning ninety bucks after betting a hundred. A payout percentage of ninety eight means you may win ninety eight bucks for bets worth a hundred bucks.

Payout percentages can be used to choose online slots. The older concept of house advantage is the opposite of the return to player. If the payout percentage is ninety then the house advantage is ten. This means even if you make ninety bucks after betting a hundred bucks, the house still has the advantage of having a net gain of ten bucks. Payout percentage is not a winning probability but an indicator of how much money you are likely to make when you play and win in the medium to long run. The payout percentage does not apply to just one spin. However, it is quite possible you will win in the very first spin and you can make more or less than what the percentage indicates.

Payout percentage is an average. People do win much more than what they stake. Not every player will win ninety or ninety eight bucks after staking a hundred. Some will win less than that. The average is computed considering the algorithm powering the slot and the history of players who have won and lost. Online slots with higher payout percentages are obviously better. The percentage does not apply to progressive slots, unless it is explicitly mentioned.

How to use Bonus Bets for Online Slots

Bonus bets come in many forms. You may get no deposit bonuses and free spins. You may qualify for bonuses while playing a slot. These may complement winnings or be standalone bonuses. Depending on the slot you choose, there could be wild cards and multipliers that will effectively be bonuses within the game. All these are bonus bets that you can use for online slots. Every slot has rules for bonus bets. You must use them accordingly. Bonus bets are usually slot specific with the exception of signup or deposit bonuses that apply to any game you play at the chosen casino.

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